supports innovative and ambitious expats in Germany in their hunt for a job that makes their heart beat faster!

Mag Pleban is your Job Search Coach.
She specializes in modern employers in the digital industry, media, fashion and HR.

There is no second chance for the first impression during the application phase.

To help you reach your goals in a TIMELY, STRESS-FREE and SUCCESSFUL manner, while avoiding mistakes and rejections, I offer you structured 1:1 job application coaching, in which you will benefit from my HR perspective and 11 years of experience.


includes proven step-by-step strategies for:

Clarity in your career orientation and self-evaluation

To determine the actual & target state, define your potentials, find a strategy suitable for you and set realistic goals for your job search.

Job ad search off the beaten track

To find open vacancies that best suit you so that you can choose from a variety of offers. Everyone is searching on Indeed & Stepstone but should this be all?

Creation of a resume according to modern German trends

To get the reader's attention, set yourself apart from your competitors, match your skills to the position's needs and get invited to interviews.

Creation of your cover letter in a creative language

To rebut possible objections to your experience and powerfully present your motivation, achievements, and individual strengths.

Job interview simulation and training

To practice and run through possible scenarios at all stages of interviews so that you appear prepared, authentic, thoughtful and successful.

LinkedIn profile polish up

To position yourself as a desirable candidate who will be found and contacted not by just any employers, but by those who are most suited to you.


To get referred internally and increase your chances of getting the jobs that are not (yet) advertised, even without knowing anyone in Germany yet!

Salary and contractual negotiation incl. expert insights on common salary ranges

To realistically determine salary aspirations, communicate confidently, and hold your own against other applicants.

Optional service: Transition to another sector

To guide you through a (lateral) entry (e.g. into HR Management) without any previous experience. This is a supplementary service that I offer on demand.


“Thank you for your application.
Unfortunately, we have to inform you that another candidate was a better fit for the job profile and therefore we have to reject you.”

Pheeew… How much frustration and disappointment these sentences would cause me often. Years ago, I read these automated standard rejections many times.

And yet, as an applicant, I was always well prepared, customized my documents, actually thought the interviews went great, but still didn’t get my dream jobs.

I’m Mag, and all of this often made me feel desperate, especially in my early twenties!

Until the time when I recruited, interviewed and hired employees in Germany myself.

I am grateful to have gained many valuable experiences in recruiting and HR management over the past 12 years. Whether in a young, agile start-up environment, or in international, successful corporations.

If you are currently looking for a job in Germany or would like to reorient yourself professionally and benefit from my insider know-how as a Recruiter, if you also would like to learn how I succeeded in getting top-notch jobs with first-class employers and getting offers from the most recognized companies, simply reach out to me!


Honest opinions and experiences from MODERN JOB SEEKERS

The result of getting my dream job with an attractive employer right after my very first application speaks for itself. A successful renegotiation of the salary package with your help tops it even more. In general, after your coaching, I don't see job hunting as such a big hardship anymore, as I now have good tools at my disposal and feel very comfortable with my revised documents. I felt super prepared for interviews and have gained confidence in my own skills. Job hunt will also be easier for me in the future and I will also have more fun with the process if I should apply again at some point. Approaching the job search strategically with you, but also reflecting on myself, my goals and aspirations, was very valuable. It was so good to get your opinion on every step of the application process and it was definitely worth the investment.
IT-Account Management​
The way you guided me through the application process is incomparable and priceless. By making valuable adjustments in my application materials, you showed me how to stand out from other candidates and present myself in a more attractive and understandable way. I got feedback afterwards that my documents stood out positively! Not only were you able to get a lot out of my application, but with your concrete examples and HR insights you also opened my eyes to things I hadn't thought of. Through your coaching, I always felt well prepared for all rounds of interviews. I recommend you further. Not only from a personal point of view, but because you are really competent in what you do.
I’ve finally landed a job! I’ve been applying for 5 months after I moved to Germany, having tried many approaches and modifiying my strategies by myself. Sadly with no success. Then I’ve started working with Mag. She inspired and motivated me through the entire process, until I got my dream job without even speaking German. I like how Mag guided me step by step in the most professional, individual way and cleared all of my doubts and questions with her advices. I found much more vacancies thanks to her ressources and she took my application documents to a new level. It was priceless how she shared her knowledge about the fashion job market and it’s salary ranges. Thanks to her tools I felt 100 % ready for each interview and was well prepared for the offer negotiation. She kept going with me with her positive energy which was very helpful for my confidence. If you’re looking to investing in an extraordinary Career Coach who will help you with a solution-oriented strategy, empathy and success, Mag is the one! Mag, as I already told you, you’re a diamond in the sky!